The medical & healthcare sector
is now easier to operate as ADAF

takes the burden off the doctors and medical practitioner’s hands by providing them with the best medical  and disposable products and supplies. Here you will find every type of high-end quality equipment, tools, supplies and disposable medical products.

About Us

ADAF is a medical company that deals with trade-ins, wholesale and import of products for hospitals, clinics, and polyclinics. We provide the best quality and price in the market. With our young, energetic team, our ambition and main goal is our customer’s satisfaction. We strive for continuous growth and improvement by our constant exploration for up-to-date technology and researches.

Cost-effectiveness is what we deliver
Customer satisfaction is our prime attention
Continuous improvement is how we plan to work

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading wholesale, import, trade-in company for all medical products and supplies in Kuwait. We strive for success, customer satisfaction and deliver the best price in the market for supplies and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep growing by serving the society through cost-efficient and innovative healthcare products and equipment through continuous refinement of new or existing products and services

Inquires :

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Adaf Ambition

Adaf is driven by our country’s ambition in the development of the health care sector and our sole purpose is to serve our community with the latest health care product and technologies in the medical field by continuous research and study .

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